Delivering a Sixth Form for Rainham has been an aspiration for some years now. Having identified a local need for post-16 education places in Rainham, the Department for Education is funding a state-of-the-art new Sixth Form Centre in partnership with Harris Academy Rainham.

The new Sixth Form will provide post-16 education for 400 students, to transform the life chances of local young people with preparation for further education, university, training or employment. ISG, a global construction group, has been appointed to deliver the Rainham's Sixth Form Centre and is preparing a planning application for the new building.
The site

The site for the new Sixth Form is part of the wider Harris Academy and is currently occupied by a drab building containing the changing rooms for the school sports hall as well as a former swimming pool which is no longer used.

Our plans will see this building demolished to make way for a fantastic state of the art education facility for Rainham’s young people, meeting an identified need for post-16 educational provision in the town.

The existing school sports hall will remain, with the new Sixth Form building incorporating new changing facilities.

Click here to visit our interactive map and find the proposal site within its wider context

Facilities and access

The new Sixth Form will provide state-of-the-art lecture halls, learning space and social areas to accommodate up to 400 post-16 students. The Sixth Form building will also have spaces available for the use of the wider community for things such as meetings, exercise classes, community learning, etc.

Outside, parking will be provided for staff only, as well as dedicated parking for disabled people. The majority of staff will be part of the existing Harris Academy Rainham team so there will be no significant increase in staff numbers travelling to the site. The staff car park will be via gated access off Wennington Road.

The school travel plan will prohibit students from bringing cars to school, with cycling, walking and public transport being encouraged. Extensive secure and covered cycle parking will be provided for staff and students.

Unlike a primary or secondary school, students tend to arrive at Sixth Form Centres at different times throughout the day depending on the courses they are taking and the timings of lectures and meetings. As a result, they do not generate the same rush at drop-off and pick-up time as a school does.

How the main hall could look (click to enlarge)

How the sixth form study area could look (click to enlarge)

How the new Sixth Form Centre might look

Our architects have produced artist’s impressions of how the new Sixth Form Centre might look. It is intended that the new building will be three storeys. This will be stepped back from a two storey frontage on Wennington Road to respect the scale and amenity of neighbouring properties.

The new Sixth Form will incorporate high quality design and materials. There will also be a landscaping strategy for the site which will incorporate tree planting. The high quality design of the Sixth Form and enhanced landscaping will deliver a marked improvement to the school’s frontage onto Wennington Road.

There will be a drainage strategy for the new Sixth Form site which will improve the existing surface water drainage for residents in the locality.

Next steps

UPDATE 10 March 2021: Thank you to everyone who submitted comments during our pre-application consultation on this website. The consultation has now finished and we are now finalising our plans, informed by your feedback, and preparing to submit a planning application. While the consultation has now closed and feedback received after 10 March 2021 may not feed into the final plans, please do continue to get in touch with any comments or feedback you might have.

We will update this website again with the final plans once the application has been submitted. If you would like to be kept updated on progress with the plans and to be informed when the planning application is live, please ensure you register to receive updates on the questionnaire below.

If you have any further questions about the plans, please visit our FAQs page or get in touch via hello@harrisrainhamsixthform.com or our contact page.


UPDATED 10 March 2021: Our consultation has now closed. However, you can still take a moment to let us know what you think of our plans by completing the short form below. If you would like to be kept updated about the Rainham Sixth Form project, please let us know by ticking the box at the end of the questionnaire.

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The new Sixth Form is being provided to address an identified need for post-16 provision in Rainham, providing educational opportunities and choice for young people in preparation for higher education, training and employment. Do you welcome this?

It is proposed to produce a detailed Travel Plan for the new Sixth Form Centre which will forbid students from driving to school, encouraging them to walk, cycle or take the bus to classes instead. Do you welcome this?

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